A Family and Community Focused Orthodontics Practice

Dr. Jennifer Martin purchased her orthodontics practice from her Father years ago. She literally grew up right here in this office! Ok, she probably went home at night, but you get the idea!

That’s why family and community are such an important part of this practice. We believe that it’s our responsibility not just to treat our patients with orthodontic care, but to treat each patient like one of the family.

We also believe that our community is vital to the success, health, and happiness of families. And we do our best to contribute and remain an active part of the community all year long.

Outstanding Personalized Care

We understand that managing a family takes some effort. There’s a lot to juggle around when you have kids, especially when ongoing orthodontic appointments are a factor!

We serve patients of all ages. Some of our current patients have parents who received treatment here when they were kids! So there is definitely a feeling of family and community in this office that you don’t see in very many places.

We are happy to work with your family’s schedule to make your appointments convenient for all of you. If we need to see more than one of you, we can easily schedule your appointments in such a way that you don’t have to make several trips to our office.

The bottom line is, we are here for you. We want your care to be as easy as it can be. We know that some people fear sitting in that chair, and we have utmost sympathy and compassion-the chair can be scary!

We understand that figuring out the finances of orthodontic care can be daunting, which is why we always have experts standing by to help you navigate your insurance companies and other methods of payment. Whatever you need to make your experience easier and better, we will go out of our way to provide.

Community Matters

Every family is a member of its community, and we feel that the stronger a community is, the stronger a family can stand together. That’s why we contribute as often as we can to our local community and it’s many activities.

We sponsor a Little League team every year. We also enjoy participating in local science fairs-it’s never too early to start prepping our future orthodontists! Every Halloween we run a candy buy-back program; we save some teeth and treat our armed service members to treats at the same time!

There are big gestures and little gestures that you can do to support your local community. We believe that every little gesture counts in a big way.

It’s Not Just About Orthodontics

Of course we are here to run a business and earn a living, but we’re also here to contribute to our society and community. Nothing really matters as much as family and love. That’s why we work so hard to keep our practice family and community oriented. We welcome patients of all ages and families of all sizes!

If you or a family member is in need of compassionate, friendly, family oriented orthodontic care, you’ve found your place! Give us a call today and join the Jennifer Martin DDS family today!




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