Meet the Team

Jan, RDA


Hi, I'm Jan! I am a registered dental assistant for Dr. Jen. As a dental assistant, I truly enjoy working with our patients and their families. I also love helping Dr. Jen at chairside; she is such a compassionate doctor, with a great personality and sense of humor. It is such a wonderful experience to see how something as simple as a smile can change the lives of so many people, and being able to share in this experience along the way; including hearing all of the stories our patients have to share, especially the ones about how they lost their retainer, or why they have a loose bracket! I am proud to be a California native. My husband, Scott, and I live in Walnut Creek and we have three great kids, J.D., Brad, and Kelly. I love sports, especially softball, baseball, and hockey (although now I am only a spectator). I've belonged to my church since I was five, and I still sing in the choir. I love Marshmallow Peeps, especially when they are stale! 

Joan, Treatment Coordinator


Hi, I'm Joan, and I am the treatment coordinator for Dr. Jen! I'm always available to walk you through your treatment plan, and if you have any questions, I'll be able to answer them. I have a degree in clothing/textiles from SFSU, but shortly after graduating, I guess you could say that I found my calling, and entered into the field of orthodontics! I love working in orthodontics; it's so great watching how our patients grow and mature right before our eyes. Interacting with our patients and learning about their lives is what has kept me so interested in my career since the very beginning; and Dr. Jen, she's just such an exceptional orthodontist - need I say more? I have lived here in Contra Costa County since 1976, and I have two grown children, Kip and Lyndz. I love to travel and experience new places and visit and spend time with my extended family. In the summertime I love taking long relaxing walks, and in the wintertime, I enjoy watching movies!

Chastity, Appointment Coordinator


Hi, I'm Chastity. Whenever you call our office, it'll be me who will help you schedule your appointments, and when you visit our practice, I'll always be able to help you schedule your follow up visits and answer any questions you may have. I am the appointment coordinator for Dr. Jen, and it's my job to make sure that you are greeted with a smile when you get here, and that you leave with a smile after every appointment! I am told that I have a goofy personality. I laugh often and am very easygoing and get along with just about anyone. I have a beautiful daughter, Niyah. I enjoy spicy food and spending time with my family and friends.

Sandy, Financial Coordinator


Hi, my name's Sandy, and I am the financial coordinator! For over thirty years I've worked in this office with Dr. Jen and the team, and everybody, including our patients, is like family to me. I enjoy the time I get to spend with our patients, and watching them as they transform from children when they begin their treatment, into adults with beautiful smiles by the end. As for Dr. Jen, I've known her for quite some time; in fact, I've known Dr. Jen since before she was a doctor and she used to come to our office and do all sorts of filing and lab work. She's such a wonderful person, and it's been so great getting to see her develop into an outstanding orthodontist over the years. I am married, and my husband, Tom, and I live in Lafayette. We have two children, Michelle and James, and one daughter-in-law, Amanda. Tom and I are also proud grandparents of Jayton, Tyler, and Pepper. Outside of the practice, I enjoy sewing, crafting, and reading, although I find myself spending most of my spare time with my grandchildren!

Stephanie, RDA


Hi, I'm Stephanie, and I am a chairside dental assistant for Dr. Jen. I've been working in orthodontics since 1988, and loved every moment of it! It's such a wonderful experience, building close friendships with my patients, and watching as they progress through their treatment, and in the end getting to see the happy, confident expression on their faces when they see their new smile for the first time. Working with Dr. Jen is also a great experience; she is such a gentle, down-to-earth, and all around great orthodontist! I live in Pleasant Hill, so keep an eye out for me! I have two great kids: Dominick who attends Sacramento State College and Elizabeth who attends Alhambra High. When I am away from the practice I like to go camping and boating, and one of my favorite pastime is gardening!

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